Welcome to Art for Kids Online!

Hey there! I’m Mizz Mac, author of Art for Kids Online. A little about myself I was raised by a professional artist so we created art alot!! I majored in both art education and elementary education in college because I wanted to teach art to children.  I ended up getting a b.s.in education with a double major because our governor at the time eliminated art in elementary schools at the end of my junior year in college! I did graduate and taught elementary school, worked, got married, had two kids, and began teaching art when my friend opened her own art studio. After that I taught art to elementary and middle schoolers for close to 25 years at a private school.

Now I am retired and have lots of art lessons and thoughts and advice to share on my Art for Kids Online website.  There will be a store to purchase lessons and projects and a link to my store on the teacherspayteachers.com website.

I have also started a business, Southern Bon Vivant,  creating candles, candle melts, and bath and body products with Southern phrases for the fragrance names.

A Southern Bon Vivant is a Southerner who enjoys the good life. Come join us to be a Southern Bon Vivant who enjoys the luxuries of the South!