SBV products Introduction

Welcome to Southern Bon Vivant products page! I hope you will view my products. Most have titles based on Southern expressions and some of the fragrance blends are made by me. I have enjoyed making the candles, melts, soaps, bath bombs, and bubble bath bars. I will be posting photos with prices. If you find something you would like to order, just click on the add to cart button.

My bathbombs are 3 oz and made with rose water. I found the rose water helps soften the skin. I use a variety of fragrance oils and have posted a few of my spring and summer ones.

My candles are made with soy wax and fragrance oils. I repurpose pressed glass pieces such as punch cups, small glassware, and candy dishes. I have posted spring and summer fragrances. If there is a particular scent not listed but you would like made, email me at