Back to School with Lines and Shapes in Art

I have some cool intro to art lessons based on the first element of art design: the line. For those of you who don’t know all art is made up of the elements and principles of design. The elements are like the puzzle pieces in a work of art and not all of them go in but they do need to be put in the right places for the work of art to make sense. The principles of design are the structures or how the elements are arranged in the work to create interest or mood.

I usually start off my class teaching the line because most children can draw a line even if its a crooked line. There are five kinds of lines in art: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, and curvy. When we draw we use these lines to make shapes. And there are only two kinds of shapes in art: geometric and natural. So when we use lines and shapes in our art, it makes creating works of art very simple and easy.

Here is one of my art lessons you can purchase:


Just click on the picture to preview or purchase.


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