Clamshell Candle Melts

Clamshell Candle Melt $5.00

I have made many fragrance filled clamshell candle melts. The above is an example of one. I use the six clamshell packaging. The clamshell candle melts are more affordable than my punchcup candles. One can purchase 3 clamshell melts for the price of one punchcup candle and can be shipped for less price due to their lighter weight. If you have a particular fragrance you would like to purchase, just email me or make a comment. Suggestions for summer fragrances are Bless Your Heart (bergamont and sea salt blossom), Hush Your Mouth (mainly gardenia and jasmine), and a current favorite Sweet Southern Lemonade (mainly lemon verbena and lemon curd).



Bless Your Heart goats milk soap

The above is a photo of my latest soap creation. The fragrance is our Bless Your Heart creation which is a combination of Bermont and Sea salt blossom. It reminds me of the salty air of Saint Simons Island. The soap is a combination of goats milk and clear glycerin soap. Each bar is hand cut with imperfections of weight and thickness. Each weighs approximately 3-4 oz and is 2.5″ square bar. The bars are $5.00 each. Simply click on the Add to Cart button to purchase.